2020 CC Community Music Awards

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Mission Statement

Founded in 2017, the Creative Commons Community Music Awards aim to be the Grammys of the creative commons world. They seek to distinguish preeminent musical works that incorporate copyleft licenses and veer from the traditional copyright structure. The CCCMAs set the stage for artists that choose to embrace a shared culture, something unique to the current landscape of music award programs.

The awards are currently juried by a collection of creative commons artists and compatriots involved in said scene. In its primary years, the CCCMAs recognized musicians via genre, but have since expanded to include region-specific talent in effort to highlight free culture across the globe.

Awards are bestowed annually, with nomination windows running from January 1st through December 31st of the given year.


Nomination Window

April 2017 - March 2018

April 2018 - December 2018

January 2019 - December 2019


Voting rights

Each category is assigned judges who may only vote within said category. This year featured a general Album and Track of the Year, which was conducted as a public poll.

All judges were allowed to vote in all genre categories. A remix section was added and judged by CC Mixter.

All judges were allowed to vote in all genre categories. Expanded to include region-specific categories judged solely by judges assigned to them.

In case of a tie

The following is a breakdown of the CCCMA’s procedures for tie-breakers, should a category reach this step.

No official tie procedures


A points system that scores community stats that specifically denote a positive community reaction: a point is awarded for individual action items such as favorites on the FMA, hearts on Jamendo, and supporters on Bandcamp. The nominee with the most points is declared winner. (This method was used after multiple calls for votes, for two categories that received no votes)

Considered but not used:

  1. A tiered voting system where judges rank nominees that have received vote, nominee with highest average placement is declared winner
  2. A judicial debate that concludes when a consensus winner has been reached.

2020 to present
A simple re-vote solely featuring tied nominees. Should this still result in a tie, Founder decides winner.


All genre categories include Album and Track subcategories







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