CC Community Music Awards

2022 Nominees & Winners

Album of the Year

  • winnerCloudwarmer Does the Weather Isolate You?

Track of the Year

  • winnerLorenzo’s Music I Can Only Miss You

Best Pop Album

  • winnerRata Negra Una Vida Vulgar
  • Nicholas Burgess The Diamond Door
  • Louis Lingg and The Bombs >…checking system… disruption detected…
  • Monk Turner Emotional Baggage (all four parts)
  • Home Front Think of the Lie

Best Pop Track

  • winnerLouis Lingg and The Bombs No Joke (Pop Remix by Patrón)
  • Derek Clegg I Won’t Let You Down
  • Ben Lvcas Love of My Life
  • Bessonn & SA You and I
  • Mercury & The Architects Love Your Life Away

Best Electronic Album

  • winnerCloudwarmer Does the Weather Isolate You?
  • Viktor Van River Weapon of Mass Distraction
  • MVMX Take Me Down
  • Air Credits Believe That You're Here
  • Reptant Return to Planet Xtrapolis

Best Electronic Track

  • winnerAlex Franklin Game Over
  • Me As In You Wanna Right Now
  • No Death Knock Koenji
  • LupoSapien Shards
  • Glass Apple Bonzai Machines Are Dancing

Best Experimental Album

  • winnerClaire Chase, Alex Peh, Susie Ibarra Susie Ibarra: Talking Gong
  • Ning Yu & David Bird Iron Orchid
  • Real Loud Real Loud
  • Senyawa Alkisah
  • Wheelchair Sports Camp Alice In Wonderland

Best Experimental Track

  • winnerWheelchair Sports Camp Tea Time
  • Claire Chase, Alex Peh, Susie Ibarra Sunbird
  • Dolores Catherino sound transformations | polychromatic 56 edo
  • Jono Terbakar kremun
  • Senyawa Istana

Best Folk Album

  • winnerCat Clyde & Jeremie Albino Blue, Blue, Blue
  • Freddie Nunez Trains of Faith
  • Clifton Hicks Old Leathstocking
  • Pati na Svete Jupiter Carousel
  • David Rovics and Virtual Bird It's Been A Year

Best Folk Track

  • winnerSunflower Summit Snow Ocean (Featuring Passionate Rascal)
  • Cat Clyde & Jeremie Albino Been Worryin
  • David Rovics It's Been A Year
  • Freddie Nunez No Way We're Gonna Be Blue
  • Demain Sans Saute Au Kim

Best Hip-Hop Album

  • winnerMoki McFly Grey
  • dakim Regos Chillin
  • Knxwledge Vgm.14
  • CM & Tha Silent Partner bloc Sonics 2
  • Timezone Lafontaine Beatseekers

Best Hip-Hop Track

  • winnerDonnie Ozone Rock To This
  • KLSHNKV Willow
  • DarkSunn Speak Easy
  • CM & Tha Silent Partner Crystal Clear
  • Nu Kids Off The Block NFT One & Too

Best Ambient Album

  • winnerDelmak-O The Colony
  • Bing Satellites Longform Ambient Studies 002
  • Chris Zabriskie Abandon Babylon
  • sonnov Ochogooq
  • Wings Of An Angel Remembrance Is Lost Without Tomorrow

Best Ambient Track

  • winnerMarie Wilhelmine Anders the infinite shining heavens
  • Chris Zabriskie And It Is There, in Those Depths
  • Delmak-O Miasma of Spores
  • Francis Gri Drop070221 – Dull
  • Ilienses Tzonca

Best Jazz Album

  • winnerBrazzmatazz Live at JGG Studio
  • Claire Chase, Alex Peh, Susie Ibarra Susie Ibarra: Talking Gong
  • Kassa Overall Shades of Flu 2
  • Mathieu Fiset One More !!?!??
  • Pierce Murphy Through The Olive Branches

Best Jazz Track

  • winnerBrazzmatazz Walk the Plank (Live)
  • Mathieu Fiset Cantaloupe Island
  • Pierce Murphy Among the Stars
  • Shota Ikeda You Encourage Me So Well
  • Trigg & Gussett Pick or Pluck

Best Rock Album

  • winnerLouis Lingg and the Bombs >…checking system… disruption detected…
  • Spread Joy Spread Joy
  • Black Dresses Forever In Your Heart
  • Knees Please It Was Lies to Meet You
  • Champion Racehorse Awake to the Joys and Sorrows of the World

Best Rock Track

  • winnerLorenzo’s Music I Can Only Miss You
  • Louis Lingg and the Bombs Freaky Deaky
  • Siberians Vidas
  • Nicholas Burgess I Wrote Crystal Crystmas Sky for You Crystalline
  • Shedonist I Don’t Want You Anymore

Best Metal Album

  • winnerMoonworshipper 13 Fullmoon Nights of Doubt
  • Abstract Void Wishdream
  • Nordicwinter Sorrow
  • Plastic Woods Dragonfruit
  • Real Loud Real Loud

Best Metal Track

  • winnerOmination Post-Apocalypticism
  • Beastmaker Night of the Devil
  • Ewig Frost 1918
  • LupoSapien Ketracel White (Lay Waste)
  • Plastic Woods The Calling

Best Music Video

  • winnerLouis Lingg and the Bombs Freaky Deaky

  • Moonworshipers 13 Fullmoon Nights of Doubt
  • Pátí na světě The Tunnel
  • Senyawa Kiamat
  • Spread Joy St. Tropez/Semantics

Best Album Packaging

  • winnerMarisa Anderson/William Tyler Lost Futures (CD/LP)
  • Bound Unto Root Sufferer's Skin (Cassette)
  • Glassing (Cassette/LP) Twin Dream
  • Visions Of War & Arrogänt Visions Of War / Arrogänt split (LP)
  • Wheelchair Sports Camp Alice In Wonderland (Cassette/LP)



  • winnerDouble-F the King
  • Omination
  • Fake-bit PoZeurs
  • Tricks & Traps
  • FUFU


  • winnerMoki McFly
  • Viktor Van River
  • Senyawa
  • Wings of an Angel


  • winnerHome Front
  • Glass Apple Banzai
  • Irwin DeVries
  • Karma Skeleton
  • Jaspertine

Central America, Mexico, and Caribbean

  • winnerGeorge Silver
  • Loud, Slow, and Distorted Riffs
  • Wago
  • LIFE2979光 & d10xn
  • Jug Bundish


  • winnerPátí na světě
  • Otepsia
  • Gino Niemix
  • Roman Walczak
  • Koty


  • winnerSonnov
  • Csum
  • Dismöral
  • Ebalo Red
  • nightblure


  • winnerChampion Racehorse
  • Shota Ikeda
  • Reptant
  • Heavyviper
  • Bfffth

South America

  • winnerChamanes del Fuego
  • Paul Jove
  • Capelú
  • Hippo
  • Tibone

US Midwest

  • winnerMVMX
  • Air Credits
  • Why Not
  • VoidDweller
  • LupoSapien

US Mountain

  • winnerWheelchair Sports Camp
  • Delmak-o
  • C. Reider
  • Amarionette
  • Asters

US Northeast

  • winnerMute City
  • Humble
  • Crystal Canyon
  • Solilians
  • The Boston Typewriter Orchestra

US Pacific

  • winnerEsoteric Sound Design
  • Robb Benson
  • viridian! viridian! viridian!
  • Glenn Case
  • Beastmaker

US Southeast

  • winnerTimezone Lafontaine
  • Andrew Bryant
  • Matt Burke
  • Jason Ringenberg
  • Clifton Hicks

US Southwest

  • winnerScott Lawlor
  • Gurdonark
  • Andrew Weathers
  • PopSkyy
  • KloudNineMusic

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