CC Community Music Awards

2019 Nominees & Winners

Best Hip-Hop Album

  • winnerK.I.R.K.
  • Natasha Beller Fairytale
  • Tha Silent Partner The String Cheese Beat Plate
  • Moki Mcfly Silom
  • aitänna77 Memory Lane

Best Hip-Hop Track

  • winnerK.I.R.K.
  • Vincent Augustus waste time
  • Elephant Funeral Good Vibes Only
  • Moki Mcfly Thai Pods
  • Cheese Golden Girls

Best Folk Album

  • winnerTownhouse Woods
  • Derek Clegg Borish Songs for L
  • Birds of Paradise Esto amor
  • Knit Your Own Scarf Agur
  • Tim Woulfe A House Is A Holding

Best Folk Track

  • winnerDerek Clegg
  • Wolftune I Finally Wrote Another Song
  • Birds of Paradise Drip
  • Knit Your Own Scarf Ajedrez
  • Tim Woulfe Cyan Sing

Best Experimental Album

  • winnerLos Pilotos
  • Dolby, Fialkiewicz, Jovet Glyndwr M
  • Dadala The Wind
  • Simon Mathewson Controlled Noise Experiments
  • AtOm_AnT CaNdYmAn

Best Experimental Track

  • winnerdadala
  • Silent Carrion The Harvest
  • Los Pilotos Winter’s Queen
  • Simon Mathewson Container
  • Filmy Ghost Melatonin III

Best Ambient Album

  • winnerRod Hamilton and Tiffany Seal
  • Mycologue Anatta
  • Silicon Transmitter Sector
  • Gilman Mom Revisionist History
  • Bing Satellites Soothing Images 48-59

Best Ambient Track

  • winnerGilman Mom
  • Mycologue Anatman
  • King Imagine Gentle Away
  • Bing Satellites Soothing Image 51
  • Into Living Void Kitchen Ants

Best Jazz Album

  • winnerN Dropkick
  • Lobo Loco Over Midnight
  • Dee Yan-Key Years and Years Ago
  • Nin Martoize Digittoe Air
  • Pierce Murphy This Isn’t Magic It Is Just Music

Best Jazz Track

  • winnerNin Martoize
  • KieLoKaz IAF Trolley
  • Lobo Loco Lazy Partners
  • Pierce Murphy Will You Whisper
  • Dee Yan-Key The Flow

Best Rock Album

  • winnerHave the Moskovik
  • Berstgefahr Berstgefahr
  • Deep Space Destructors Visions from the Void
  • Nicholas Burgess Xmas Gold
  • Yellow Cop Tragedy Memories

Best Rock Track

  • winnerYellow Cop
  • The Inventors Melon
  • The Wrong Sister Looking at the sun
  • The Grammar Club Froggy Refresh
  • Inaequalis Crash

Best Electronic Album

  • winnerNoel Griffin
  • Bio Unit Export
  • Hatch Anachroid
  • Uncan Third
  • CavalloPazzo Cruise

Best Electronic Track

  • winnerHatch
  • Predator Technique Moonmate
  • The Weathermonger Infinite Mirror
  • Uncan Kobo Cafe
  • Bio Unit Descent

Best Metal Album

  • winnerMuldjord
  • Maeth Whaling Village
  • Cryosyncopy Night Gate
  • Arkham Sons of Death
  • Croc Noir Mort

Best Metal Track

  • winnerMuldjord
  • Arkham Asylum
  • Avenger Kills The Savior
  • Cryosyncopy Cult of the Dragon
  • Maeth Everything is an orchid

Best Pop Album

  • winnerThe Gays
  • Benjamin Bret Black Kracougol
  • A. A. Aalto Connections
  • The Grammar Club Live Slow. Die Whenever.
  • The Polish Ambassador Twilight Safari

Best Pop Track

  • winnerThe Polish Ambassador
  • Phillip Gross Rabat
  • Benjamin Bret La Bouteille de Whisky
  • The Gays The Community
  • The Grammar Club Stronger Than Them All (Stronger Than The Mall)

Best Music Video

  • winnerSoft Edges ft. Emelie

  • Kowalski Room One Night on Capistrano Beach
  • Have the Moskovik De mémorie d’homme
  • Sav12 Pride
  • Seltzki ft. Hatsune Miku Letters

Best Album Packaging

  • winnerGilman Mom
  • Hadokowa Loading… (Reissue)
  • Kowalski Room Postcards from the Future
  • Theta Wave Orchestra Follow the Sun
  • Nicholas Burgess Deluxe Xmas Boxx

Remix Album of the Year

  • winnerccMixter

Remix Track of the Year

  • winnerZep Hurme (feat spinning merkaba)

Remix Instrumental of the Year

  • winnerLoveshadow (feat Apoxode)

Remix Experimental Track of the Year

  • winneronlymeith (feat airtone)

Remix Acappella of the Year

  • winnerLeza Boyland

Remix Spoken Word of the Year

  • winnerPanu Moon

Remix Stems/Sample of the Year

  • winnerJavolenus

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